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Welcome to my Partners page! 

This is a space to share with you the companies I use and love.  Some of these companies are active collaborators, and some are merely companies that I highly recommend.  There are no hidden agendas here.  There is only one way onto this page, and one way to stay here.  That is through excellence! 

Expect to see reviews coming soon!


  Gluetread has developed an adhesive based sidewall repair kit that is a must have on every offroad vehicle.  I have had the opportunity to do extensive testing on this product, and I can highly recommend it.  I will also say that the entire team at Gluetread are excellent to deal with.  See the video below of our test run!

David Soza, President

Sage Overland LLC


Finally!  Professional Grade Training and Equipment

FarFetched Discount art.jpg

    I met Stacey Thomas, founder of Far Fetched Adventures, at Overland Expo West 2023.  We served together on an “expert panel” discussing travel with dogs.  A common passion for dogs brought us together.  Since then we have had many interactions.  I have completed the Far Fetched Canine EMT course and I have purchased two of her Canine EMT Medical Kits.  The course that she has produced is by far the best resource I have found over the last 30 years!  Trust me, I have been searching!  The information, and clear descriptions of real world scenarios are invaluable to anyone who ventures out with their dogs, but should not be overlooked for anyone who loves their dogs!  This is not a slow pitch course for lazy people!  The information presented is professional grade, and could save your beloved friend’s life!  Truthfully, a course of this depth could easily cost 5X what far Fetched is asking.  The Far Fetched kits are also professional grade.  Every item is hand picked for usefulness and quality.  The commitment and integrity of the Far Fetched team, and the value of products offered are without peer.  Highly recommended!


David Soza, President

Sage Overland LLC

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