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Are you a manufacturer in need of a talented product designer, but cannot afford the full time position?  Do you have a product idea that you would like guidance to pursue?  I am available on a consulting basis to offer assistance in the areas listed below.  

Areas of assistance:
1.    Product design and function
2.    Ergonomics and human interface
3.    Market desirability and gaining the competitive edge
4.    Innovation within your product space
5.    Manufacturing optimization

With over 43 years of design  and engineering experience, and four ground breaking entrepreneurial enterprises, I am uniquely qualified to take your business and product success to a new level.  Let’s discuss your needs and see where we can work together.  There is nothing to lose.

My typical fee is $200/hr., with a $1,000 minimum.  

The initial consultation to discuss your needs is free!  My goal is to make you money, not cost you money.

In some cases, exchange of product may offset the consulting fee.


“David was incredibly helpful in designing a detailed test for our product. David's thoughtful planning and meticulous execution led to a revised version of our instructions and gave us more knowledge on the limits of our product offering. Thank you David"

Andy Auble / Co-Founder & President /  GlueTread LLC


Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a brand new startup, David’s experience, insight, and ability to bring ideas to life is invaluable if you want to grow. Working with Dave has been absolutely pivotal for my business. He meticulously examined every detail of my current product design, identified areas that could be improved and crafted actionable steps that guided my ability to bring even more value to my customers while simultaneously increasing my revenue. His knowledge of the market and forward thinking approach cuts through business blind spots that might otherwise leave opportunities on the table. His own business success and track record speaks volumes of his abilities to assess, plan and execute. He’s prompt, exceptionally thorough, and really fun to work with! David Soza is absolutely my go-to guy when I need proven methods to move my business forward!

Stacey Thomas / Founder /  Far Fetched Adventures


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