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A new member of the

Sage Overland Team! 


Meet Tig!  Tig is a black female Australian shepherd.  She comes from Iron Side Ranch's working line of dogs.  These dogs are bred for loyalty, focus, and composure under any circumstance. 


I specifically chose Tig for her confidence and calm demeanor. Nothing seems to shake her at the least.  She has one blue eye, and one that will mature to auburn.  She is only 5 weeks old, so she will be coming home in about 3 weeks.


Tig loves the outdoors, especially water, so she will make a great trail and kayaking companion.  For the next 6 months she will be training for our 2024 tour.  I'm so thrilled to have her!


Tiggy Too!


For my 2024 travel season I’ll have this awesome trailer in tow!  It is still under construction here, I will update the photos as we go.  “Tiggy Too” is a nod to my new girl Tig. 


This trailer is intended to provide significantly extended range to my travels.  I will have 25 gallons of extra gas, 2 extra propane tanks, 3 gallons of diesel for my heater, 400 amp hours of lithium battery capacity, 240 watts of solar collection, 60 liters of freezer space, 15 gallons of water, and a little space left over for some very sweet toys! 


Come see the new rig at Northwest Overland rally and the Overland Expos 2024!

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